Items are the basic unit of content in Proskomma. There are three types of items. All items have the same structure:

  • a type (‘token’, ‘scope’ or ‘graft’).

  • a subType (depending on the type).

  • a payload (depending on the type).


Tokens contain text:

  • the type is ‘token’.

  • the subType describes the text (‘wordlike’, ‘linespace’ or ‘punctuation’).

  • the payload contains the actual text.


Scopes enclose other content, and are used to represent a wide range of markup:

  • the type is ‘scope’.

  • the subType is ‘start’ or ‘end’.

  • the payload contains a string representation of the scope (strings separated by ‘/’).


Grafts connect sequences, and are used to add headings, footnotes and other content:

  • the type is ‘graft’.

  • the subType is the type of graft.

  • the payload contains the id of the grafted sequence.

See the full schema for items for more details.